Motorcycle Helmet


    Feel the freedom of a motorcycle!

Learn the fundamentals and riding techniques necessary to safely operate a motorcycle in today's traffic.

Our proven step-by-step curriculum is based on a 'building block' method to training. 

Students practice each component in a controlled environment while receiving supervision and feedback from their instructors.

This ensures every student receives one-on-one attention allowing them to progress confidently and safely at their own pace.  

At the end of the course you’ll have the necessary skills to successfully complete the 

ICBC Motorcycle Skills Assessment and ICBC Road Test.

Novice to Pro $724.00

Motorcycle Rider Training

  • Small class sizes

  • Motorcycles & Helmets Provided

  • ICBC Certified Instructors

  • Proven Step-by-Step Curriculum

  • Vests Provided

  • Free Motorcycle Rental For MSA

  • Free Motorcycle Rental For Road Test

  • Insurance Discounts

Course Outline

4 Hours Theory 

   Students will participate in discussions and exercises that cover many aspects of operating a motorcycle in today's traffic. A combination of handouts, presentations and group discussions help to complement the lessons in this program. Some of the topics covered in this program include:

  • Rules of the road

  • Sharing the road

  • Emergency strategies

  • Traffic regulations

  • Lane position

  • Hazard detection

  • Defensive tactics

  • Grouped riding​

  • Pre-ride inspection

  • Motorcycle controls

  • Bike set-up

9 Hours Range Training  

   For the safety of our students all range training for this course is performed in a closed course environment and lead by ICBC Certified instructors. There are 4-5 students per instructor and each of the following exercises will end with an evaluation of your progress.

  • Mounting & Dismounting

  • Dead engine maneuvers 

  • Clutch/Throttle control

  • Start & stop with control

  • Shifting gears 

  • Low-speed maneuvers

  • Emergency braking

  • Countersteering

  • Stopping in a Curve

  • Riding over obstacles

  • Turning from a stop

  • MSA Prep

11 Hours Traffic Training  

  Training will begin with exercise's in light traffic progressing to heavier traffic. There will be 4-5 students per instructor and each lesson will end with individual evaluations of your progress in each of the following exercises. 

  • Intersections

  • Parking

  • U-turns

  • Lane Positioning

  • Passing 

  • Highway Riding

  • Hill Starts

  • Curves

  • ICBC Road Test Prep

Training Motorcycles

The Yamaha V-Star 250 is our #1 choice for novice motorcycle training. New riders will immediately feel comfortable when they throw a leg over this classic

V-twin cruiser. The low seat height allows riders to have both feet firmly planted on the ground, putting beginners at ease and inspiring confidence.

The best part is handling is so light it almost feels like riding a bicycle. 

           Course Requirements 

  • Students must have and produce a valid Motorcycle Learners License before each and every class in order to participate in this course. No License, No Training!

  • In order to provide a safe environment for our clients and a comprehensive understanding of road rules and regulations, our students must have the minimum of a Class 7N drivers license to take part in this program. 

  • Helmets are provided but students are required to provide their own riding gear (jacket, boots, pants and gloves). 

  • Students under the age of 19 must have a completed consent form signed by their parents or legal guardians.

  • Students will be required to ride rain or shine so please dress appropriately. 

  • If possible, please arrive to all classes 10-15min early

  • Water and snacks are recommended. 

           Risks & Liabilities

  Horizon Moto Tours takes every precaution necessary to minimize the risk of accidents during training. However, a certain element of risk is always present when learning to operate a motorcycle. We accept the risk of damage to our training equipment and students will not be required to bear the cost of any accidental damage to our equipment.

  Horizon Moto Tours cannot accept responsibility for any bodily injury or damage to student's property while they are participating in this course. All students and the parents/guardians of minors, will be required to sign a release of liability for such bodily injury or property damage before commencing any training. 

Motorcycles & helmets are provided for all training.

Students ICBC Motorcycle Skills Assessments will be arranged once enrolled in this course.

GST and ICBC fees are not included in our pricing.

Some privately-underwritten insurers offer insurance discounts if you have completed a rider training program.