The Africa Twin offers great versatility for those riding long miles or accessing remote locations and is the bike of choice by Horizon Moto Tours when exploring through the backcountry of Western Canada. 

 KTM  790  Adventure  

The 790 Adventure R is a serious motorcycle equipped for extreme terrain. With the hardcore adventurer in mind, it balances the power of a twin, with the agility of a single-cylinder offroad bike, to open up new riding possibilities. 


The KLR650 is a touring-hungry dual-purpose bike like no other. Whether crossing the city or crossing the continent, on paved roads or on dirt, the KLR650 is a do-it-all bike that loves to travel long distances.  

KLR 650











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Africa Twin

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Our rental gear is purchased new at the beginning of each riding season and cleaned after each customer use. Each item has an approved safety rating for motorcycle and scooter riding and is replaced if there is any sign of damage that would compromise its function.


Helmets     $20
Jackets       $25

Pants          $25

Get fitted and pick up gear same day. 
First come, first served.

Cash / Credit: A $200 deposit is required for all rentals. We will not withdraw funds unless the gear is not returned or has been left damaged.
If no credit card is available, we will accept a $200 deposit to be returned to the customer when the rental gear is returned to the store.


Late returns may be subject to additional charges.  Damaged or very dirty gear may be subject to additional repair, replacement or cleaning charges. 

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Summer 2020

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The all-new Yamaha Ténéré 700 is a no-compromise dual sport motorcycle equipped with Yamaha's popular 689 cc CP2 inline-twin engine, and adventure-focused features. The Ténéré 700 is designed to deliver class-leading handling and agility in the dirt and high-speed, long-distance performance on the road - making it an extremely capable and versatile adventure bike.